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Ffumbe Opharns , Vulnerable and disabled childrens program ( FOVUC),is a charity program created by Youth, eldery and disable ministry of Ffumbe clan to benefit all orphans, vulnerable and disabled clan members and others who are diretly and indirectly linked to the Ffumbe clan.

The major responsibility of culture leaders is to mobilise descendants in order for them to be in harmony with one another in development and culture.

In order to fulfill the above , Ffumbe clan started a EKIKA KYE FFUMBE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LTD (EKFUDCL) limited by Guarantee .This company was established in order to identify and implement development activities within the Ffumbe clan members. One of the major ways to execute that noble task among the helpless ,Orphans, Elderly, and Disabled descendants, was the establishment of FOVUC PROGRAM.

A number of childcare charity organisations in Buganda and Uganda in general have been established but they lack organised set-ups for bringing up children in cultural awareness enviroment communities.

This has resulted into culturaldecayed societies in values and norms among the deprived and less privileged.


Through FOVUC, EKFUDCL would like to see to it that all school going age orphans,disabled, and vulnerable descendants get well balanced education in cultural awareness eviroment commuinities and also get access to essential neccessities ie SHELTER, MEDICAL, FOOD,this also applies to Elderly in need.


  • To register all orphan , vulnarable ,disabled and elderly descendants with in the Ffumbe clan and those linked directly and indirectly to Ffumbe Clan.
  • To identify all possible adaptive Ffumbe clan member homes.
  • To mobilize financial help and assistance for the beneficiaries.
  • To install spirit of responsibility in parents so that ,their childrensare not victims of negative circumstances.
  • To install a spirit of adaptive culture with in members of Ffumbe clan,
  • To promote spirity of charity endeavourerism within the Ffumbe clan members.


All Ffumbe clan members and those who are directly linked and indirectly liked to the clan who are Orphans, Eldery, Disabled,and Vulnerable.

Directly Linked are Members with mothers of Ffumbe Clan. Indirectly Linked are Members who have any of their ancestors of Ffumbe clan

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