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Ekika Kye-Fumbe Development Co. Limited is a registered community based entity limited by Guarantee and fullyincorporated in Uganda under CAP 110 Laws of Uganda; Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Laws. It is a clan community of minority Ugandans adopted through paternal and descendants origin within Buganda Kingdom in Uganda, East Africa.

Ekika Kye-Fumbe Development Co. Limited was initiated by the clan administration as a venue strategy for implementation of the targeted impact of capacity building through different community project exercises most especially the; Tree Planting exercise (Environmental Protection) which is increasingly receiving attention world-widely as a noble cause to fully invest funds to create an entire “Clean & Green Environment” as the only solution to the current threat of the World-wide Global Warming. 

Ekika Kye-Fumbe Development Co. Limited in liaison with the Buganda Kingdom and the Government of Uganda planned for “Tree Planting” as the most appropriate way to help and embark successfully on the apparent world-wide threat of “Global Warming”, bearing in mind the fact that the majority of Ugandans are traditionally brain crippled in cutting down trees for different personal usage which has been a stumbling block and cause for “Environmental Degradation” yet evidence suggests and advises about the need for cognizant of strategic operations, thinking systemically, connect with organizational units and teams abroad, and deliver multiple services to diverse available opportunities for “Environmental Protection” as a lasting solution the apparent world-wide threat of “Global Warming”.

As a world-wide prioritized millennium goal of the 21stCentury, We need to examine different ways of how close clan and other distant related members in Uganda can start learning through different integrated curriculums, employ appropriate technology and exercise afforestration, using examples from the dedicated land of the different clan members sacrificed to expertise success of the proposed “Environmental Protection” in Buganda Kingdom and Uganda as a whole.  The proposed promotion of ideas and strategies to development further the needed capacity building in the plantingabove exercise will explore how the different integrated curriculums; supported by technology and effective personal willingness will make relevancy of it to all close and distant clan members as well as the different economies of scale in Uganda.


Different clan members and relatives will be required to collect seedlings but in rainy seasons

The proposed duration of the initiated demand-driven capacity building through “Tree Planting”; the only opportunity to exercise personal duties as own responsibility the Fumbe Clan Members of all categories is estimated as a five years strategy to halt down the apparent worldwide threat of “Global Warming” in the different localities of the whole world.

Ekika Kye-Fumbe Development Co. Limited have already identified the different recommended environmental management students (Volunteers) who are either close or distant clan members with enough evidence as research related to their professionalism and experience to “Environmental Conservation” most especially the demand-driven exercise of “Tree Planting” to advise on the project requirements.

We have also been able to learn about the willingness and self sacrifice of the different clan members and stakeholders towards the proposed project program which will be carryout right from the different owned land of close and distant Clan members which is approximately 1,000 Sq. miles and the Fumbe Clan owned land ranging to 1 Sq. miles and 370 acres.other images


(i) - Management & Administration;
Ground/field work is expected to be carried out by the recruitment of Environmental Management professionals from the different recognized institutions who will be acting as “Volunteer Initiatives” of this proposed project.The Personnel Department of Ekika Kye-Fumbe Development Co. Limited and the elected Committee Members of Fumbe Clan Elders will take the task of administration for the proposed “Tree Planting Project” for the estimated five years period.

(ii) - Monitoring and Supervision;
Due to the near fact that most of interest for the success of this proposed “Tree Planting Project” lies within the responsibilities of the Ekika Kye-Fumbe Development Co. Limited and Fumbe Clan as whole, monitoring and supervision will be fully carried by the above liaison bodies of Fumbe Clan in assistance of the Volunteer Initiatives for close and distant Clan relatives from the grassroots of the whole given Buganda Region.

(iii) - Project Funding;
Ekika Kye-Fumbe Development Co. Limited in liaison strategy with the Fumbe Clan as a wholeis very mindful of its less financial secure past which has been always affecting our level of effectiveness and efficiency as regards our community development operations. We could not fully implement all planned development programs due to our limited financial and material support.

            The greatest success venture has been the realization of the dedicated and sacrificed land acquisition ranging toapproximately 1,000 Sq. miles from close and distant Clan members and the Fumbe Clan owned land ranging to 370 Sq. milesin the different parts of Buganda Region. This inspired hope to the project administration for the promised implementation strategy for the immediate proposed to instill back the required discipline of “Environmental Protection” not only to Fumbe Clan members, Buganda or any other ethnic group but all Ugandans

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