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Nsobya Ssekayi Emmanuel BantubalamuNsobya Ssekayi Emmanuel Bantubalamu is a professional teacher since 1990.
He is the Director (Proprietor) of Makerere West Valley in Kampala and Pioneer school Nakisunga-Mukono both
Nursery and Primary Schools. There are bursaries in these schools.
For details contact “Ffumbe Bursary Scheme”.

He is also a professional builder and an expert in project planning and management proposal writing. He has been in clan administration since 1999 as ow’olugya lwa Kabe, Katikiro womutuba gwa Lubaale, Secretary to the Essiga lya
Nagaya 2002 to 2010 and vice secretary to the Ffumbe clan since 2004 up to date.

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