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Omutaka walusimbi Buganda Ntege Walusiri Mbiro zankya yusufu kigumba makubuya III Mbirozankya, Kigumba, Makubuya, Buganda-Ntege, Walusimbi born to Hajji Ahmed Kato Lubwama and Mrs.  Lubwama Hadijja Nakavuma on the 2nd September, 1982 in Kabowa, Kyadondo County in Kampala District.

I joined Kitebi Primary School and St. Balikudembe Primary School for my Primary education. Later joined Nakasero Senior Secondary School for higher education where i qualified for tertiary training and then joined Logogo Vocational Center and Uptech Institute to graduate for a Diploma in Software Engineering.

On the 05/07/2011 i was officially installed to the Walusimbi title as the 25th Clan Head of Ffumbe Clan  (Totem) by my legend grandfather Kakonge Nandekelerwa; Mr. George William Kigumba.

I happen to have an utmost interest especially to women and youth; grandsons and daughters of Walusimbi, Ntege-Buganda to start strategizing about developmental issues as well as assisting each other as brothers and sisters of the same Clan (Totem). This five (5) years strategy will fully assist Ffumbe Clan members to achieve the required and expected development of life along side the helping hands of the Buganda Government and the Central government as well.

The proposed five (5) year development strategies will be expected for implementation through different schemes and projects hereunder;
-    Bassenakujjengo Credit & Cooperative Society
-    Afforestration
-    School Schemes
-    Food Security
-    Bee Farming
-    Ffumbe Cultural Museum & Library
-    Ffumbe Clan Registration Scheme

I fully believed that the proposed development schemes as earlier given through my clan care idea as Clan Head will be fully achieved with assistance of oneness, self sacrifice, faith and God’s blessing on top of all.

May the Almighty Lord bless you abundantly.

Ssabasajja Kabaka Awangale……….

Mbirozankya, Yusuf, Kigumba, Makubuya II, Kantuntu, Buganda-Ntege, Walusimbi

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