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Maddiro ( Bakka Temple)

This is the oldest and one of the greatest temples in East and Central Africa. Maddiro is referred to as the origin of the Ffumbe Clan (Civet Clan) Cultures from all the three" Masigas" and the Omutuba gwa "Ssabalangira Kasolo" (Civet Clan Sub-Heads). As a Center of the Ffumbe Clan (Civet Clan), Members of the Ffumbe Clan (Civet Clan) gather in this temple with an aim of getting most of their Social problems solved and as a sign of Unity among themselves.

As referred to; Rev. John Roscoe, HON. M.A (Cantab) – Formely of the Church Missionary Society.
Published by; Macmillan & Co, Limited, St Martins Street, London 1911.

The Baganda: "An account of the Nature Customs & Beliefs" Who wrote that once upon a time "On Bakka Hill" there was a TEMPLE (MADIRO) of Bakka(Civet Clan) one of the oldest Gods in Buganda Kingdom and the Country as a whole. Bakka (Civet Clan) might choose its medium from any Clan of Buganda Kingdom but priest is always a member of Civet Clan. On the same estates there is another Temple (MADIRO) for the known "God Wanga (Mukasa)" a deity from Ssese Island; the following story gives the reason why this God "Wanga (Mukasa)" was worshiped by the Baganda.

During the reign of King Jukko, the Sun had failed to give light for seven days and then the King Jukko sent Walusimbi then Head of Civet Clan to Ssese to bring "God Wanga" to help him in the above dilemma and distress. When "God Wanga" came and set to work for their rescue; raised the sun and the moon back to their nature and heavenly installations then the sun gave light again. It is till now that Temple (MADIRO) progressed with its reputable history in Buganda and Uganda as a whole.

"Temple (MADIRO), found 14 Miles, off Hoima Road in Bakka, Busiro County, Wakiso District. For more information; Mobile: + 256 0757 455 652 Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website: www.ffumbeclan.org

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