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The Ffumbe clan has already started a programme of giving out bursaries to its members especially orphans.

The clan has not yet built schools of its own but it has contacted school proprietors and head teachers through its Education and sports committee requesting them for assistance in form of bursaries.

Many of the contacted schools have positively responded and accepted to give out bursaries to the clan. The rest of the schools have promised and we expect them to respond very soon.

So far the Ffumbe clan has got about 100 (one hundred) bursaries from different schools and institutions on different academic levels.

Here we call upon more schools, N.G.O, Higher institutions, The Uganda Government and other able personnels to come in and support this program.

The ffumbe clan has a program of advertising for those schools that have supported its bursary programme, we are also to advertise for those individual personal businesses that have come in to support this programme by funding it and providing us with scholastic materials.


So far we have obtained about one hundred bursaries of which seven (7) are full bursaries from primary schools.

These are the schools that have already given us bursaries.

  1. Kajjansi grammar preparatory school—Kajjansi
    Tel: 0782006282/0755094565/0777814750.
    This one has given us five (5) full bursaries and ten (10) half bursaries.

  2. New life Nursery and primary school—Kajjansi
    Tel: 0772602535/0703436402.
    This one has given us two full bursaries.

  3. ST. Johns Nandere senior secondary school-- Bombo
    Tel: 0712837852.
    This school has given the ffumbe clan about fifty (50) half bursaries, in classes from senior one to senior five (s.1- s.5).

  4. Makerere west valley primary school.
    Tel: 0752658637
    Makerere west valley primary school has given the ffumbe clan a good number of bursaries in classes from primary one up to primary six.

  5. Trust future primary school—Nabweru.
    This school has also given the ffumbe clan about twenty (20) bursaries.

Great thanks go to those schools that have responded to our requests and we still need more bursaries. There fore we request more schools and other privileged personnels that had not yet heard that this programme is there and going on with in the ffumbe clan to come in and support it.

Most of the bursaries got so far are from day schools there fore we go around areas where these schools are found while looking for people who really deserve these bursaries especially the ffumbe clan members.

After meeting people in need, we register them and send them to available schools through the ffumbe clan office hence the clan being beneficial to its members.

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